Reconciling with Mathias

Clara sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. Her head was still bothering her even after she took the prescribed amount. She groaned as she just put on plain shirt and jeans. She didn’t care that they didn’t match. Her head was in too much pain to think about it. She didn’t even put her signature ribbons in her hair. Dark circles were under her eyes, her hair was a mess, and her clothes were in bad shape. She lost few months, and not to mention she unintentionally broke her ‘boyfriend’s’ heart telling him that she remembered being in love with someone else. She put on a her baggy jacket, and made her way to Mathias’ dorm. The only reason she knew where he lived because he roomed with Matthew, and she remembered going there plenty of times. She knocked on the door, wincing in pain at the loudness. She needed to take more medicine.

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